About - About this fortunetelling site

If you have some wonder about...


"Why was I born?"


"What is my life?"


"How can I live?"


then this site It may help you solve those questions yours.


What the reason is,




Ken Sakagawa " who is a fortune-teller, attracting wave researcher, and an artist,Injuries, accidents, poverty, psychosis (schizophrenia) improved the hardships of many lives,




this all of things in this website are made by that he studied physics to the spiritual world, and this is a method of improving the systematized life.


This site, currently,


Hundreds of thousands of people are accessing each month,


It continues to increase even now.


Many people suffer,


While living in it,



Surely this site will be useful to them a little.




Next is your turn.

About - Ken Sakikawa

Born in Iwakuni-shi, Yamaguchi Prefecture, living in Kawasaki city, Kanagawa prefecture.


He is as a author of this site and


Fortune-teller ,attracting wave researcher, an astrologer


as well.


Life is not a material thing, it is a wave-like thing,


It is the answer of advanced physics.


Our Life is


"All things are made by vibrating energy"


He established original diagnosis by based on the fact that study of wave motion.



Detailed profile is here