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What is Ken Sakikawa?

It is a representative of this site, a fortuneteller attracting wave researcher.



When he was a student,


he had a dream of Prizefighter,


but he received doctor stop to be Prizefighter.



That then,


he suffer from surgery on both shoulders,hospitalization, insomnia at the same time,


and stayed in the worst state of health.



At a similar time,


he got encounter with a leading fortune-teller who is pleaded as professional fortune-teller's teacher nationwide.


He got experiencing full-scale fortune-telling.


What he got experiencing were Facial fortune telling, hands, Surname name, Kyushsei (Nine horoscope) · · · · · · · ,


The experiencing was changed his mind. So that is why he wanted to be fortune teller all about.


Later, he got a Feng Shui license,he got may cliants In Kansai, Osaka prefecture, Kyoto prefecture.


He appraised mainly individuals and corporate with feng shui,or name fotune, hands, and else fortune - telling etc. 


Collect trust from clients.



After that,


He got a truth that a life can not diagnosis only fortune telling.


Now,there are existence many mystery on the earth, and many people have doubt about


What is life?


What is myself?


To understand these fundamental questions that many people have,


he Started research.


Among them, he became a mental disorder (schizophrenia).


He has been hospitalized in a psychiatric ward.


But he did not stop to know about who we are, what we are.


He researched a lot of things to know about what life is.


He studyed Natural science, nutrition, psychosis, brain cognitive science, brain functional science, endocrinology such as hormones, etc....


He did not rely on a all of doctors and medicine for his psychosis improving, and he made Complete recovery  by self - study.




His friends also diagnosed as depression, panic disorder, indication disorder are cured completely.


He knows our life is not material.


Life is what?


Why was the person born?


In order to know many mysteries, he had to research about...


the spiritual world, Law of attraction, Quantum mechanics, and such as extensive research.


He also started studying physics, quantum mechanics and so on.


And he got a truth that in this state-of-the-art physics is "Everything is made of vibrating energy".


This is the new common sense of this world.


He created a original fortune-telling by based on the concept of unique wave occupation,write on this site and he served as representative.